July 17, 2020
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How to be good at selling products via chat?

Michał Krzak
Michał Krzak

Is it possible to use web chat to increase your sales? Yes, but you need to do it wisely. Here you can find the top 8 reasons to use text chats as selling tools and how to do it right.

Get more optimized conversions with chat

If you sell online, you know how important and difficult it is to attract potential customers to visit your website. Especially if your business is not a niche. Your competitors are making a lot of noise, aren’t they? Isn’t it challenging to break through this? So when you finally got your would-be client on the website, the last thing you want is to lose the attention.

Using a chat is the XXI century equivalent of talking to a shop assistant. If your client needs a little more than your product description to make a purchase decision, a chat will be the first option, as it seems to be the fastest. No one would like to fill the contact form anymore if she can ask the real person who is only one click away.

Webchat gives you the knowledge of what your client wants. Right here, right now. If you can answer those needs, it is most likely that you will have a deal closed. You can learn from the questions asked via chat, and if you find a pattern, you can modify your product descriptions to meet the expectations of future clients.

Save money

You are probably familiar with remarketing ads. Why are they so popular? Statistically, 92 percent of people visiting a web store will not decide to buy your products during this first visit. Retargeting will make 43 percent of them more likely to buy things.

But it costs. Is it any way to spend less on remarketing? Let’s look at the reasons why potential buyers abandon their carts. The top three are connected with some extra costs during checkout, the necessity of creating an account, or too long or complicated check out process.

With chat, you can remove these barriers. Just imagine that you or your employee acts like a shopping assistant in the typical, offline store. Greetings at the beginning, offering help and leading through the checkout process. Playing this role may lead you to close more deals while your client is in store, and leave the retargeting only for those who left without speaking with you. It can save you money. But you need to be proactive.

Be proactive

This is the key to a successful text chat. Your clients will appreciate your help if it will be active but not intrusive. Be prepared. Some questions appear frequently. If you have your answers already written down, it would be much easier to provide solutions without hesitation. There are chat apps, like Closer, that use AI  and ML to recognize questions and suggest the answers.  

Competitive advantage of chat

Using chats will give you a competitive advantage, as only 14 percent of companies use this feature. So you still can be ahead of your competition. According to the Harvard Business Review study, the “growth of early adopters is more than twice the growth experienced by companies identified as technology followers. Implementing web chats, you can suspect better business outcomes, without any risk, and you can do it fast.

Use bots, but do it properly

Apps like Closer allow you to use chatbots to capture, identify, or schedule calls. It saves a lot of time and unlocks new opportunities. Your employees could focus on more granular details of conversation with clients.

The worst thing you can do with chatbots is to use them to postpone the real conversation with the client or even worst: send the client to another web form. Don’t use it that way. Chatbots were designed to make things easier and faster, not to make your potential clients angry.

Be mobile-friendly

For 90 percent of consumers using multiple devices to complete tasks is a daily routine. Even 42 percent of buyers, that have a negative experience with your mobile store, are less likely to buy from you. So check if the live chat you would like to implement works on mobiles. The best solution is to have a cross-device functionality that bout your employee, and the client could switch anytime from desktop to smartphone.

Schedule meetings

Some products or services are hard or impossible to sell in one go. With chat, you can schedule a meeting while you are talking to a potential client. It increases the chances to close a deal. Experienced sales representatives know that they hadn’t scheduled a meeting during a call with a client it would be sometimes impossible to close the deal in the future. If your webchat has this function it will save you a lot of time, and keep things simple.

Remember about customer satisfaction

“A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.” It is not a cliche. It just works. Give as much of personal touch to your deals as you can. It will pay off in the future. You can even think about some special offers for clients who engage in conversation via chat. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool. Potential customers will start talking with you to get something extra, but you will get something priceless – the real, in-person feedback.

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