Solution for Support

Top-notch customer service boosts customer satisfaction, works for brand credibility, and makes the customer lifetime value (CLTV) higher. Closer covers those areas by giving access to a solution that is a must-have for support advisers and managers.
Best customer experience
customer support
Communication continuity

Best customer experience

Rich media communication

Closer mixes all forms of the rich media communication platform, such as text, audio, and video chat. It is a complete toolset for any customer service team. It gives your customers the broadest range of communication methods. They can connect your support by just clicking one button on your website. With AI dialogue automation advisers could react faster and more accurately.

Real-time customer support

Message preview

To provide the best customer support you will most likely need more information than contributed by the customer in a support ticket. Closer makes it possible to provide additional info in real-time. An adviser can just switch to the video call and let the customer show you the problem, or share additional files as you are speaking. With customers’ messages preview, an adviser can "already see" what the customer is writing, even before sending the message. It gives additional time to prepare the answer.


Screen sharing

Collaboration with the customer is the best way to solve the problem quickly. An adviser can share the screen to help the customer, proceeding step by step to fix the issue.

Virtual adviser

AI Suggestions

Every industry has its frequently asked questions. Support advisers are even working with databases of answers they copy and paste to the conversation. Closer will do it for you. Thanks to the AI suggestions, it will automatically prepare an answer to a predefined question. Adviser could use it as it is, or edit before sending.


SLA metrics

Closer makes it simple to measure the performance of your team. Those metrics will keep you on track and give you the ability to react fast if the team is falling behind.

Communication continuity

Offline messaging

Some issues takes more time than others to solve. In such cases, the customer may leave the meeting. But your adviser could still answer the topic in the same conversation. The notification about it will be pushed to customer’s email address.