March 18, 2020
2 min

6 tips to make video calls – deal Closer in your business

Peter Dziedzicz
Peter Dziedzicz
Managing Director

Video calls are an important part of today’s world – we’re making sales calls with your clients, recruitment meetings, inhouse telcos. We’ll not be hidden from the technology, but we can make us better using it.

According to research, closed deals involved webcams being used 41% more often than lost deals. That’s why we’re here to help with that, with simple tips to have a great video call:

1. Check internet connection

All video conferencing tools require a good internet connection, be sure you have one before the call starts. You don’t want to have lags; this gives poor experience.

2. Lighting placement

Be sure that the light source isn’t behind you – windows, lamps, even the sun. If you do that – you will be “dark character” in the conversation. Place your light source behind your camera.

3. Background

Business video calls require the right background. Be sure that the background doesn’t have anything embarrassing or distracting, no matter the situation if you’re working from the office or remotely from home.

4. Camera placement

You need to have a good eye connection with your interlocutor – your camera has to be on your eye-level. If you don’t have a laptop stand, put books below your laptop. You will have a more natural and more engaging conversation, thanks to that.  

Personally, I like to stand during the calls; this gives more challenges for the camera placement but also gives me the chance to have a better voice tone, and ability to make more gestures.

5. Smile

Not only the eye contact, but also some smile will help, be natural, have your normal voice tone, and smile 🙂

6. Have a glass of water

During 20-30 minutes or even longer calls it’s good to have a glass of water – will help you – we’re all humans after all.

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